Commercial Real Estate Valuation
Commercial Real Estate Valuation


Welcome to Wilson Valuation & Advisory, one of the best commercial real estate valuation companies in the Memphis, MSA and surrounding areas. Property valuation is a complex task and includes many factors in the estimation of property with regards to its exact market value. When working with Wilson Valuation & Advisory we simplify the whole valuation process. We help our customers in determining the precise value of their property whether it's residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, etc. We aim at providing 100% satisfaction to our customers through our reliable real estate appraiser services in Memphis TN. Evaluation of property through us prior to the purchase or sale of a property is a smooth and hassle-free experience giving you peace of mind.

At Wilson Valuation & Advisory, we ensure the best estimate for your properties. Our expert Memphis TN commercial real estate appraisers have years of expertise, experience, and knowledge making us unmatched in the property valuation market. Moreover, we comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which is recognized for setting ethical and performance standards for the appraisal profession in the United States. Whether you need to evaluate your property for tax compliance, internal audit, mortgage loans, settling estates and divorces, taxation, insurance purposes, or debt restructuring, we are always here to help. Wilson Valuation & Advisory deals with all types of properties whether you own a multi-family residential property, retail property, industrial property, office space, or special use property, Wilson Valuation & Advisory is here to help.

Our self storage appraisal team at Wilson Valuation & Advisory also provides an appraising service for commercial buildings like warehouses, manufacturing buildings, cold storages, showrooms and much more. Appraising a commercial building is a complex task. While estimating the value of your commercial property, some basic points are taken into consideration including location, accessibility, railroad linkage, Floor Area Ratio (FAR), lease status, surrounding encroachments, HVAC, age, topography, plumbing, etc. Appraising industrial properties can be a daunting task, but our expert Memphis industrial appraisal team at Wilson Valuation & Advisory will assist you in making the valuation of your property an easy process.

Medical real estate describes buildings and offices leased to members or organizations within the healthcare community. Unlike other properties, medical real estate appraisal goes well beyond simple valuation of all the land and physical structures linked with it. Appraising medical office buildings differs hugely from appraising other types of commercial properties. Valuation compares sales and income approaches under time and space constraints. Many factors are considered in a medical related appraisal report. Non-medical occupants, nearest hospital, the condition of the building, location, financial and legal issues are considered as well. Moreover, past data is also considered to predict long-term trends, profits and their influence on the market.

Whether you want to sell your apartment or refinance it, your appraisal can make a big difference. Once your appraisal has been sent to your lender, it is difficult to challenge. That is why it is important that a verified appraiser like Wilson Valuation & Advisory examines your property. We are here to provide you an impartial opinion about whether the property is worth what the buyer has offered to pay you. There are many factors that affect the appraisal value of your property like its location, type, parking ratio, condition, build-out, amenities. At Wilson Valuation & Advisory our Memphis apartment appraisal experts precisely analyze all these details to provide the best possible appraisal value for your property. To Book an appointment call Wilson Valuation & Advisory at 901-481-1994.